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The condition of RSI is a syndrome that effects muscles, tendons and nerves in the hands, arms and upper back and is developed when muscles in these areas are kept tense for long periods of time, due to poor posture and/or repetitive motions. The most well known repetitive strain injury is known as Carpal Tunnel [...]

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Overuse Injuries & Guitar

It’s a sad fact that overuse injuries tend to be fairly common among guitar players. This problem, which is also known as Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, can become so painful that a musician may lose their ability to play the instrument with the same skill they once had. I’m sorry to [...]

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It is only recently that studies or surveys have been performed on the widespread nature of injuries associated with musicians. Like professional athletes, musicians perform for the public.  And just like the athletes, musicians can lose their jobs if they don’t perform.
But unlike athletes, who work with physicians and trainers almost daily, many musicians [...]

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